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Automate your event processes, and let iChapter take a load off of your volunteers.

We have been building APICS sites since 2001. We understand APICS chapters.

APICS Chapters

Automate your event processes, and let iChapter take a load off of your volunteers.

WMS has been working with APICS chapters since 2001. We understand the unique concerns of such all-volunteer, non-profit organizations.

We were also contracted by APICS Society to re-create their official recommended chapter site theme template in 2005. We designed the template to be as easy as using Microsoft Word.

More importantly, WMS has partnered with iChapter for close to a decade to bring APICS chapters  the most powerful and easy-to-manage application any APICS chapter could desire.

What's more, WMS is any APICS chapter's "One Stop Shopping" for all of your chapter's online needs:


iChapter is an affordable, full-featured e-commerce service for APICS chapters.

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You've read enough. Let WMS set you up with the power of iChapter and start automating your processes so we can take  a load off of your volunteers.

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*Support time involving 3rd parties -- such as other hosts and other payment processing providers will incur additional fees. In some cases, support may need to be ultimately provided by iChapter -- in such cases we will take point and get the issues resolved for your organization.


WMS & iChapter

The Fox Valley APICS Chapter started using Web Merchant Services to host our iChapter web site in May, 2008. We began conversion of our old web web site at that time. As is typical in any conversion, we had plenty of questions for the support people (namely, Sean).

When we e-mailed questions to Sean, we always received replies the same day. If the technical issue was too complex to handle via an e-mail, Sean called one of us the same day.

At all times, Sean's advice was easy to understand and fixed our issue. We completed our conversion within a month without any major issues.

Dr. Mike Godfrey
VP Student Advisor

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  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
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WMS™ provides a front line of support for all iChapter sites.

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