Process Payments Online

No matter what your business model, you will
increase sales and maximize cash flow when you allow your customers and clients to pay by credit card through your website.

Online Payment Processing

Excellent Rates * Efficient Account Settings
= You Keep More of What You Earn

Our mission is to provide Internet Merchants the most cost-effective online payment processing solutions, along with the experienced support you know you can depend on.

Our bottom line is to help you KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU EARN.

We know you have to work hard for each sale. So we'll structure your account to keep the overhead on each of your hard earned sales to the absolute minimum. We do this by starting out with the lowest rates and then configuring your account to eliminate all common incidental costs.

We charge for nothing but the absolute minimum for processing your transactions online.

Unlike the majority of merchant account providers, we only charge for:

  • Transaction Processing
    We offer the lowest discount rates possible (as low as 2.12% + $0.28 per transaction) for authorizing your customers' payments, capturing funds, and depositing them into your business checking account.
  • Qualifying your authorizations
    We do this through our advanced fraud-screening processes, Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Code Verification system.
  • Monthly Account Statements
    You will receive a detailed merchant account statement each month by mail. You will also have access to online reporting through our Merchant Connect system.

We DO NOT charge for any other common fees:

Unlike the majority of merchant account providers, we DO NOT charge for:

  • Monthly Minimums
    You do NOT have to worry about meeting any sales minimum. This means that if your sales volume is low, you will be able to save up to $50.00 monthly. We will NOT charge you any base fees even if you happen to have little or no sales on a given month or because you are just starting out with a new venture or hit a seasonal slump.
  • Batch fees
    If you have at least ONE sale daily, we would save you $9.00 every month
  • Membership/Annual fees
    You do NOT have to pay any membership or annual fees that other providers force you to pay. This means that you will save up to $50 per year.

What's more, we will also structure your account to so that you will KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU EARN.

Here are some examples:

  • Net Sales
    If you give a return or refund, we only charge a discount rate on the net sale. Unlike most providers who charge you for the initial sale AND also the return, you will NOT pay any discount rate on sales you didn't make. The higher your volume and/or the more potential
    refunds you may have to make, the more.
  • Gross Deposits
    We deduct discount rates and authorization/AVS fees in a monthly batch -- unlike most providers, who deduct their discount rates and authorization fees per batch each day. This makes your bookkeeping easier, faster, and much more cost-effective, as daily sales will match deposits for that day's sales. Save on the time it takes your bookkeeper to balance your accounts.

    In the mean time, you keep your money and earn interest on it or do as YOU see fit.
  • Deposits within 24-48 hours
    Unlike other providers who take 3-14 days to get your money to you, we will wire your money to your business checking account in as little as 24 hours automatically. We believe you should have possession of your money as quickly as possible.
  • Auto Close
    Unlike other providers who force you to remember to batch out – and hope that your forget to do so for a couple of days so that your transactions will downgrade to a much more expensive nonqualified rate – we automatically batch out each day's transactions to assure that you should always get the qualified rate on your transactions.***
  • Simplified Interchange and Assessments Rate Structure
    We distinguish between Debit Cards, VISA credit cards, MasterCard credit cards, and awards cards. This guarantees that you will get the best rates available for each card type so that you will keep more of what you earn over all.

    For instance, your debit card transactions will run at a very low rate; your VISA will be a little less expensive than your MasterCard credit cards, while awards cards would be charged at a slightly higher rate. Overall, though, you will save significantly with this cost structure.
  • A Personal Account Agent
    You will have an account agent that will know you personally and know your account history. Your personal account agent will be quickly and efficiently able to support all of your questions, account changes, and any other concerns you may have. You will NOT be just a number with us!

We look forward to helping you succeed
with your online business.

. . and to helping your KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU EARN.

WMS offers much more than just online payment processing for your business.


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