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Free Shipping Alert mod for ProductCart

Increase sales and upsells by alerting your customers how close they are to getting free shipping!

Free Shipping Alert

This mod for ProductCart dynamically displays a message alerting customers how close they are to getting free shipping. The message displays on their "view cart" page just under their order subtotal.

The alert also provides a handy link to search the store for items that can put them over the free shipping threshold.

The alert only displays if they have not yet reached the free shipping threshold.

Supported Versions

This mod supports both the standard and Apparel add-on builds as well as BTO versions of ProductCart version 4.0 or better. Earlier versions have not yet been tested.


please see our policy for ProductCard add-ons and mods


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We'll do the installation for you.

We strive to make our mods and add-ons as simple to install as possible. Only the most cursory understanding of ASP is typically required. Any semi-experienced ASP developer should be able to install the vast majority of our mods or add-ons in less than 5-15 minutes (depending on whether a database upgrade is involved -- and that simply requires a ninute to log into the store's Control Panel and push the upgrade button).

However, if you opt to save our modest installation fee and install your mod or add-on yourself . . . and you run into a problem, we will charge our standard rate of $99/hr to find out what went wrong with your installation and fix it.

You might also want to revert to your backups and try your installation again paying closer attention to what you are copying and pasting.

If you indeed find an issue with our code, we will of course remedy the issue free of charge, provided the issue falls under the functionality of the mod or add-on as we've described it.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Our modest installation fee assumes that the site we are installing on is running standard PC files, permissions and components for the particular build our mod or add-on is compatible with. If your site has been customized or other 3rd party add-ons have been installed in areas our mod or add-on affects directly, further installation fees may be required.

Support Policy: Please see our support policy on WMS add-ons for ProductCart.

Upgrade Policy: Please see our upgrade policy on WMS add-ons for ProductCart.

Licensing: You may use your copy of this mod or add-on for ONE store. That is, you may use it in a local development environment and/or in a remote development environment as well as on your production location. You may use as many development locations on as many computers or servers as you wish.

However, you are not entitled to use this same mod or add-on for any other production domain name than the one you specified when you ordered your mod or add-on.

Refunds: WMS doesn not offer refunds on downloadable products. We do, however do everything possible to support our add-on products in your server environment.


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