The WMS Merchant Services has been reporting and informing about the world of business start-ups and self-employed people in Germany since 2004. The own step into the independence of Torsten Monday, gave the inspiration to this reference book, which was extended to today by the founder magazine, an on-line councellor, the founder Chat and the founder news. In the year 2015 a check list with more than 700 chronologically and systematically sorted steps for business startup and independence, unique in the Web, was added. Since then, entrepreneurs have also been able to use additional content and services such as documents, interviews, experiences, comparison tables, tests or a link list with the Prime Start-up Encyclopedia.

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The target group

The Founder’s Encyclopedia informs self-employed persons, freelancers, business founders, freelancers but also people who are in preparation for their own foundation. It does not play a role whether full-time or part-time is to be created. The editorship of the founder encyclopedia reports on almost all ranges, industries, trends and all questions of the entrepreneurs and founders. Last but not least, the Start-up Encyclopedia is also a guide for the remaining entrepreneurs who have already founded their company or who have done so a long time ago.

The possibilities

Many problems of the self-employed from the guide of the WMS Merchant Services are taken up and used as starting point and basis for templates, eBooks, series, interviews, checklists and other materials. Beyond that the founder encyclopedia collects interesting on-line computers, Web Tipps, videos uva. to economic topics from A to Z.

An example

The Founder’s Encyclopedia shows, for example, how a business plan is written, how to turn a hobby into a profession, how to turn a part-time job into a main job, how to earn money successfully, develop and analyse business ideas and check them objectively for sustainability.

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The task

A timely and informative reporting from the German start-up world through exciting interviews with the founders themselves, idea developers, investors, manufacturers and service providers of the market.

The goal

The aim is to make the foundation as simple, flexible and transparent as possible with the developed checklist for business start-ups and the Prime encyclopaedia for founders, to give ideas, to carry out further education work and thus to provide the founders with an essential part of the information and education work which has been neglected by the public authorities.